Betting on Belmont Stakes

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the 2014 Belmont Stakes. It was speculated that there would be a Triple Crown victory for the year. California Chrome won both the Preakness and Kentucky Derby during 2014, and he was expected to win the last race as well. This would have been the first Triple Crown Winner since 1978.

As a result, there was a huge betting frenzy. Online sites were offering history-making discounts to get the business of new online bettors. Special codes, discounts and promotions practically littered online betting sites. However, the same betting frenzy probably won’t occur during the 2015 Belmont Stakes, but the race will still be just as exciting.

The Belmont Stakes is the last race of the US Triple Crown, and it is held every June. This is the longest race of the Triple Crown. It is 1.5 miles long, and the final stretch is where the problem lies. The horse and jockey need to remain calm and mark time until the last few minutes of the race.

Betting Strategy and Theory

Basically, keep one thing in mind when placing a Belmont Stakes bet. It is a much longer race, which means if the horse has not won in shorter races, chances are he will not win in this one either. Look at the winning history of the horse. The theory is that if even if a horse manages to win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, he may not be able to win the Belmont Stakes because of the extra distance.

Since this is the last race of the Triple Crown, many bettors have already seen what many of the horses in this race are capable of. This means that most bettors know what can be done to handicap the race. A lot of bettors choose to just bet on race favorites, but some strategists think that it is wise to look at other features about each horse and the jockeys before placing bets.


Look at some of the past races and determine if any other horses were able to run in longer races. Also, check out the pedigree of the horses. Are there other horses within this family that have run this type of race before?

Also, look at each of the jockeys in the race. What type of experience do the jockeys have when it comes to competing in longer races? Most jockeys have never raced on tracks that are longer than one mile. The horse could have a winning shot, but if the jockey has never raced in a longer race, then this could decrease the horse’s chance of winning.

Placing Bets

Make sure that you learn everything there is to know about the different kinds of horse bets available, and try to place your bets earlier because the odds will be greater. Understand that most bettors at the Belmont Stakes will make the most common bets, and they are the win, place or show bets. Pick a winner with the win bet. If you want to make a “place” bet, then you want your horse to win in either the first or second place.

Most bettors will place their bets based upon the top three winners. But many more of the exotic bets such as the Trifect, Exacta, Quinella and Superfecta bets are placed as well. Quite naturally, the payouts will be more for bets that are harder to predict. This should not be expected for the more common bets of win, place or show, which are much simpler and don’t pay out as much.

There might not be as much of a frenzy with the 2015 Belmont Stakes, but you should still learn as much as you can about the history of the race, the horses, the jockeys and the types of available bets before placing a bet in this highly prestigious race.