Daily Double Bets

Punters who can correctly predict the winner of two races enjoy substantial payoffs with daily double bets. Said bets are considered one of the oldest types of bets in modern horseracing with historians dating it back to the 1930s but the ways in which punters can place their daily double bets have changed since then.

Definition of the Term

Basically, a daily double involves a bettor wagering on the winner (win position or first place) of two races, which are usually pre-designated by the track on a specific race day. According to the Daily Racing Form’s glossary, a daily double refers to a bet made for two consecutive races but, in many tracks, the races are not consecutive. Keep in mind that the two consecutive races in daily double bets is just a loose rule so be sure to check with the tracks.

In its original form, the daily double bet was made on two consecutive races. But modern racetracks today allow for many types including:

• First two races of the day

• Last two races for the day

• Rolling daily double wherein bettors can place a daily double bet on any two races for the day

In all instances, nonetheless, the goal remains the same – to correctly select the winners for the two races. Any deviation between the placed bet and the actual results will result in a loss to the bettor. 

Due to the increased difficulty of correctly picking out two straight winners from the field, winning bettors of daily double bets usually enjoy higher payoffs especially at higher odds. Daily double bets also provide bettors the opportunity to hedge their bets, as is the case with the daily double wheel bets.

Types of Daily Double Bets 

Like all types of bets in horseracing, daily double bets come in several forms aside from the straight daily double bets discussed above.

• Daily double wheel

Bettors who are confident about a horse winning in either of two selected races but who are unsure of the outcome of one of the races usually adopt the daily double wheel approach. This is especially true in cases when the horse being bet on has satisfactory to excellent odds of winning the race (i.e., win position).

In a daily double wheel, the bettor bets his key (i.e., favored) horse with all the other racehorses in the other race. Keep in mind that the key horse may be in either of the two selected races.

To tell the clerk about your daily double wheel bet, say “$2 daily double wheel 5 with all” meaning that you are confident Horse #5 will win the first of the two selected races. If your key horse is Horse #3 in the second race, then say “$2 daily double wheel all with 3).

To calculate the cost for the daily double wheel, multiply the number of horses in the race other than the race your key horse will be in by the dollar value of your bet.

• Daily double part-wheel 

Bettors who want to exercise their handicapping skills use the daily double part-wheel bets system to remove all the non-winning horses from the selected races. This approach then reduces the size of the bet investment without considerably affecting the size of the bet payoff, in case of a winning ticket.

For example, you have identified a key horse in a race and another 10 horses in the other race. Since you have decided that only 5 out of 10 horses have satisfactory to excellent chances of finishing in first place, you can choose to have 1 horse in combination with 5 other horses. If you bet $2 on the races, you will pay just $10, thus, saving $10 for a full wheel bet.

Bet on the daily doubles now and see what happens!