Live Betting

 In the world of online horse betting there are many options available to the bettor. One of best methods is Live Betting. Also known as betting “in the running”  it enables the bettor to bet on an event as it is happening.  This type of betting has become increasingly popular with bettors that have smart devices that enable them to access the books at any time. With this type of betting the odds are constantly fluctuating, this makes access anywhere a necessity.  To be successful with live betting you need to have a certain level of mental agility and the ability to make decisions under pressure and a good grasp on numbers and odds.

Most of the well-established online bookmakers now offer live betting on racing in some form; however it is more available in some markets as compared to others. One of the leaders in live betting is Betfair; they offer new bettors a step by step guide to the complexities of online live betting. Other bookmakers may not have the demand for online live betting; however most of them offer live markets on most of the largest events such as the Grand National. If you are already registered with a bookmaker check to see if they offer lives betting as an option.

Do Your Research

When you decide that you are going to venture into live betting make sure you are well equipped. Going into live betting unprepared can have dire consequences in your pocket book. This type of betting is going to require your complete concentration and it is very important that you are able to make quick decisions. There is no luxury of double checking your bets after the fact, with live betting you need to know the odds and do your homework before the event starts.

Make sure that you have a complete understanding of the market you are going to be betting in before you start making your bets. You need to have a superb knowledge of the race tracks and what horses are going to be running; it also pays to have a sound knowledge of how the horses have performed in prior races and any injuries that may inhibit their performance in the race that you are betting on.


With live betting your strategy should really focus on knowledge, gut instinct is a dangerous way to bet in any situation but this is especially dangerous in a live scenario. You may think that a horse cannot win because it starts slow, however that horse may be known for putting on the speed after the first few seconds of a race. That being said, horses commonly falter in races, so even if it seems like a sure thing when you are participating in live betting you need to be ready to cut your loss on one horse and make another bet at a moment’s notice.

The odds in live betting are going to change by the second, because of this it is important that if you are participating in live betting that you have a very high speed connection that does not make what you’re seeing on the screen “old news”.