USA Horse Racing

It is exciting to watch horses fly around the track. Watching as they gain momentum and cheering them as they come to the final stretch and then realizing you won big as the horse crosses the finish line.

In the United States, three main races are featured in horse racing. They are the Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. These three championships are held from May until June and make up the Triple Crown. A second event known as the Breeders’ Cup is held in November. While the pot is higher in the latter, the Triple Crown events are the most recognizable.

Since 1919, there have only be 11 horses that have achieved the Triple Crown. The first was Sir Barton with the most recent being Affirmed in 1978. With the scarcity of these wins, players can wager a bet on what horse they think might win the Triple Crown. If they are correct, the payout is sizeable.

First is the Kentucky Derby. This Grade I stake takes place on the first Saturday in May. The race lasts one and a quarter miles and is sometimes referred to as “The Run for Roses”. This is due to the blanket of roses placed on the winning horse. Many people in the United States and the world place bets on the horses at this event.

The next event takes place on the third Saturday in May. This is the Preakness Stakes. This event lasts 9.5 furlongs on a dirt track. The winner of the Kentucky Derby typically runs in this event as they continue to seek the coveted Triple Crown.

Finally, Belmont Stakes is held in June in New York. This race lasts for one and a half miles. The focus is on the stamina of the horse. If a horse manages to win at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, they will run in this event also. Because of the high gambling stakes and public interest, the news will have its focus on this event.

A fourth event that is separate from the trio is called The Breeders’ Cup. This event attracts worldwide attention due to the massive pot associated with it. Since 1984, this event features 14 races of 14 horses. The winner usually takes home a multimillion dollar prize.

Other Races

These four races aren’t the only horse racing events that players place their bets on. Some other popular races in the United States include:

  • The American Oaks Invitational
  • Arkansas Derby
  • Beverly D. Stakes
  • Blue Grass Stakes
  • Florida Derby
  • The Flower Bowl
  • Haskell Invitational
  • The Jockey Club Gold
  • Kentucky Oaks
  • Man O’ War Stakes
  • Pacific Classic Stakes
  • Santa Anita Derby
  • Santa Anita Handicap
  • Travers Stakes

These are just some of the incredible horse racing events that gamblers can place wagers on. Open to international gamblers and even those in the United States, horse racing is one of the most exciting forms of gambling in the world. Of course, it is also the most popular too.…

UK Horse Racing

UK horse racing continues to grow as it is a fascinating sport. Not only do you get to see these magnificent animals running quickly, you can wager on who is going to win. The anticipation of the outcome can be as exciting as the actual racing events that take place. The thrill of being able to make money from such wagers plays a big part in the decision to go to horse racing in the UK.

Of course, the amount of money that can be won depends on the type of wager and the amount of money you place on it. The more complex the wager is, the harder it is to win so you get a better payout if you do win. For example, when you bet on a trifecta, it involves three horses placing rather than just one or two.

The desire of horse racing tracks to produce the best incentives continues to grow too. They know those willing to wager on the races have choices about which site they use. They also strive to keep the races competitive. The standard of what you will be seeing during any given performance continues to improve due to the demand for this type of sporting event.

There also continues to be more offered in regards to helping with wagering. You don’t have to be an expert to take part in horse race betting. However, you should rely on much more than just the luck of selecting the right horse name or the right slot number for the line up to determine who you will wager upon.

Many people are intimidated to actually make the wagers the first couple of times. However, you need to relax and take a breath. There is always plenty of time between each horse race for you to get help and to place your bets the way you would like to. Use the tutorials on the website and ask customer support if you need further assistance before you bet.

Don’t feel rushed or obligated to spend more money on the wagers than you had planned to. Keep your own budget and finances in mind. Some people have the perception that only rich people can afford to wager on horse racing. That isn’t true though and many of the UK horse racing facilities allow you to wager only $2 or only $4 as the minimum bets allowed.

While the overall rules and regulations are the same for UK horse racing facilities, there can be some variables. All of the information you need should be offered for viewing before you bet. This includes the odds regarding certain elements and if taxes are taken as part of those odds.

UK horse racing is here to stay. The number of spectators and individuals that wager on the races continues to increase. It is a favorite pastime in the UK and it is much more than just a passing fad. Being able to wager online makes it more convenient and allows more people to take part in such betting.