Outside of visiting a casino, betting on horse races is probably one of the most common types of gambling. The vast majority of people who make bets do so for fun and entertainment. They pit their wits against the bookmakers, and love the thrill of watching the race. The thrill is even greater when their chosen horse comes in to win.

Even people who know nothing about horse racing can enjoy placing bets on races. The great thing about this form of entertainment is that it can be done at anytime, and people can put as little or as much money on any bet as they want.

Experienced gamblers know that successfully betting on horses is not just a matter of picking one at random and hoping for the best. They like to study the horse’s past performance, and take many factors into account before deciding on which horse to bet.

For beginners, or those who only bet occasionally, this can all seem very mysterious. We set up our website to help both experienced betters and those who are unfamiliar with this form of entertainment. We have collated all kinds of useful information into a single place, so you can find everything you need to know in one location.

Website reviews
It is now possible to place bets online, but you may be unsure about which sites are the best ones, and which are safe to use. We take the guesswork out of this for you. We have done all the necessary research, and we provide you with comprehensive reviews of dozens of sites dealing with horse racing.

Bet types
This section of our website is primarily aimed at helping newcomers to horse race betting, but even experienced betters might find something interesting here. There are numerous different types of bet people can make on any race.

The most common type is placing a straight bet on a particular horse to win. If the horse wins the race, the person who places the bet gets his or her stake money back, plus a bonus from the bookmaker. The bonus depends on the odds (don’t worry, we explain these too) that the bookmaker offered when the bet was placed.

However, there are lots of other types of bet that people can make, and we explain these in full. Even if you have a lot of betting experience, you might not understand terms like Parlays, Quinellas or Superfectas. If you are a beginner, all these terms probably sound like a different language to you.

Just go to the betting types section of our website, and you will find out what all these terms mean, and what you need to do to win with these bets.

General information
The Internet has completely changed the way in which people bet on horseracing. Before online betting was available, people had very limited opportunities to have a gamble on the outcome of a race. They could go to a racecourse and place bets with the bookmakers at the course.

Today, people can bet on horse races in any part of the world. Our website gives you valuable information about major courses and events in the UK, Europe the USA and Australia. We will constantly add to the information on our site, helping you to make informed betting decisions.

Researching horses and courses
There is lots of information online to guide you when trying to assess how horses are likely to perform. Trying to find all this information would be very time consuming, so we have made it easy for you by tracking down excellent information sources, and providing you with links to it.

If you have any suggestions about features you would like to see, or how we can improve, then please let us know.