Types of Horse Betting

There’s nothing new about horse racing, but it is a wonderful way to pass the time and have some exciting fun. Do it correctly, and you can win big money too. The best part is that because of the internet, people have a way to go online and learn all about the different types of horse races and betting strategies before heading to the track.  They can practice before placing real bets, which gives them an edge.

On an annual basis, close to 100 billion dollars is spent on horse racing bets.  This is for various types of horse races such as condition races, harness racing, or even steeplechase racing.  Do you have a favorite type of horse race that you like to bet on?  Have you brushed up on your betting strategy so that you’ll know how to place winning bets each and every time?

Learn Many Different Types of Horse Racing First

To be quite honest, if you really want to win a lot of money when placing bets, the smart thing to do is to learn as many different types of horse racing as possible.  This improves your chances of winning.  Why?  This is because not everyone likes to bet on all types of races, which means that certain types of horse racing are not filled with a lot of bettors.

Place Bets Where There is Less Competition

Thus, there is less competition when it comes time to place bet.  This could be your chance to swoop in, place a killer bet and win some serious money. But after you learn the different types of horse racing, keep your eye out for the types of races that have the least amount of bettors.

Then you can place the following different types of bets and become a huge winner:

  • The Win Bet.  This is one of the easiest types of bets to place.  There usually isn’t any type of strategy involved.  It is just a matter of picking your favorite horse to win.  It is as simple as that.
  • The Place Bet. When picking your favorite horse, it has to finish in either the first or second place in order for you to win this type of bet.
  • The Show Bet. The show bet is almost like the place bet.  Your favorite horse has to come in either first or second place.  But with a show bet, you will also win the bet if your horse comes in third place too.  So you have three chances to win.
  • The Daily Double Bet.  This particular bet is not entirely up to you.  The racetrack will select two of the day’s races to be Daily Double races.  Your job is to pick the winners of each of these two races in order to get a part of the daily jackpot.
  • The Exacta Bet.  You have to choose which horse will come in first place, and which horse will come in second place. These horses are picked for the same race, and they must   finish exactly as in the order predicted if you want to win this bet.
  • The Quinella Bet.  This bet is similar to the Exacta bet, but the two horses do not have to place in any order.  So, pick the two best horses for the race, and you will be a winner.
  • The Pick 3 Bet.  You have to pick the winning horse for three races in a row.  This means that you must pick three winners for three back to back races.
  • The Pick 6 Bet.  You have to pick the winning horse for six races in a row.  This means that you must pick six winners for six back to back races.
  • The Trifecta Box Bet.  With this bet you have to predict which horses will win in first, second and third places.  However, you have the option of “boxing” a bet.  This means that the horses don’t have to place in exact order, but they do need to place in either first, second or third place.  This bet gives you some room for error.

As you can see, there are many different types of bets for horse racing.  The types of bets are just as varied as the types of horse racing that are available.  In order to really get the most for your money, learn as many different types of horse races as possible.  Improve your chances by mastering a kind of race that does not have that much competition.  Use this type of strategy, and before you know it, you will always be a big winner at the races.